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This project (SEP-Slovakia – Student European Parliament) has goal to support young Slovak first-time voters. Slovakia is English info about SEP Projectyoung country and in year 2004 its MP candidates was first time trying to get into 13 seats in the house of European Parliament.

Young people need to know the European institutions and to make right decides about their lifes.

The idea was launched at the Department of Political Science at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, under the supervision of Professor Ladislav Machacek.

Of course, the topic is still actual – participation in EP elections in 2009, certainly no one could meet. Although it was slightly higher than in 2004, Slovakia is still on the percentage tail across the Union.

The project aimed to young people and students is about:

  • position and the mission of the European Parliament among EU institutions
  • processes of integration of Slovakia into the EU since 2004 as an important factor of democratic transition of government in Slovakia
  • participation of Slovak members of the Parliament after 2004
  • results of the youth policy in the EU and Slovakia (youth mobility, volunteering, education programs, programs to support youth work)